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New Tween Podcast Features Native American Twist

Updated: Feb 6

Fantasy adventure series promotes self-esteem while sharing anti-bullying message.

Bellingham, WA – A talented team of Pacific Northwest artists today announced the upcoming launch of Coin Trick, a new narrative podcast created for tweens. The fantasy adventure series, based upon Native American folklore, offers important messages about anti-bullying and believing in one’s self.

“Kids growing up today have to deal with enormous pressures,” says Susan Hanson, the series’ creator, “and our society offers little guidance on how to handle them all. Other cultures have always received such guidance through their stories or mythology. This podcast gives a fresh take on ancient Native American myths to make them more relatable for, and relevant to, the next generation.”

The classic hero’s journey, Coin Trick revolves around 12-year-old Cassidy, who is transported to another world that is home to the Pueblo Ancestors. There she buddies up with the flute-playing trickster Kokopelli on an epic quest to restore balance to the universe, encountering monsters and other Native-based characters along the way.

The action-packed series promises an entertaining experience while serving a greater purpose, namely:

  • Helping to build self-confidence in children by encouraging them to listen to their intuition

  • Developing interest in and respect for Native American culture

  • Providing a safe format to discuss sensitive topics such as bullying and racial issues

Hanson, who also wrote and produces the podcast, is joined by its director, Bellingham actor Jeff Braswell; and Travis Jordan, an Emmy-nominated audio engineer and member of the local Lummi Nation. Acclaimed actor Michael Horse (Twin Peaks), who narrates the series, heads the impressive team of voice talent.

Best-selling author Viki King, who consulted on the original script, calls Coin Trick “exquisite … a very powerful archetypal story that everyone can tap into [with] important, wonderful themes—and right on time for the world.” The podcast is set to launch on July 1 with the first two of six episodes, available for download on the show’s website as well as iTunes and other podcast apps. For more information, visit

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