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About The Series

The whip-smart but insecure Cassidy receives a treasured coin when she stands up to the schoolyard bully. Soon thereafter, a bike accident sends her through a magical portal into the lost land of the Pueblo Ancestors.


There she meets the storied trickster Kokopelli, and the two team up on an epic quest to confront a giant and return order to the universe. As they take on challenges based in Native American mythology — complete with monsters such as Rolling Head, the sinister Thunderbird, and an army of frog people — Cassidy learns how to trust her inner voice and accept her own power.


Action packed and filled with surprises at every turn, this fantasy-adventure holds vital messages for today’s youth while telling a classic tale in the spirit of THE WIZARD OF OZ and THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA — a tale with its own unique Native American flavor. 

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About Us

COIN TRICK is produced by Full Potential Media. All principal members of our minority-majority creative team will receive a percentage of the net profits, and another 5 percent is being donated to Indigenous American causes. 

Meet The Team

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