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Narrated by
Michael Horse

Music by
Shelley Morningsong

Who's Fooling Whom?

Sometimes only a trickster can reveal when you’re fooling yourself. That’s the lesson twelve-year-old Cassidy learns when she joins up with the mischief-maker Kokopelli in Tapuat, a fantasy world featured in this family oriented adventure. 

Episode One: "Rock On"

Cassidy receives a magical coin when she stands up to the school bully. Later, a bicycle accident sends her through a mystical portal into the land of the Pueblo Ancestors, where she meets the flute-playing trickster Kokopelli.

Our Podcast

Episode Six, "With Friends Like These"

Cassidy and crew narrowly escape the Giant’s booby-trapped cave and return to a hero’s welcome. She receives the elixir that will transport her back home, only to have Koko reappear and trick her yet again. Or does he?


–DaHomey777, U.S.

"The character was a great example of a Braveheart and a beautiful soul."

"Great podcast series"


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