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Who's Fooling Whom?

Sometimes only a trickster can reveal when you’re fooling yourself. That’s the lesson 12-year-old Cassidy learns when she joins up with the mischief-maker Kokopelli in Tapuat, a fantasy world featured in this family oriented adventure. 

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A Podcast For Kids

Narrated by
Music by
Shelley Morningsong

Our Podcast

Episode One —
"Rock On"
Episode One, "Rock On"Coin Trick
00:00 / 01:04

Cassidy receives a magical coin when she stands up to the school bully. Later, a bicycle accident sends her through a mystical portal into the land of the Pueblo Ancestors, where she meets the flute-playing trickster Kokopelli.

Episode Two —
"A Giant Dilemma"
Episode Two, "A Giant Dilemma"Coin Trick
00:00 / 01:04

The Great Seer tells Cassidy she must confront the volatile Giant to restore universal balance and return home. Initially rejecting her fate, Cassidy eventually receives the training of a Brave and sets off with Koko on her quest. 

Spider Woman.png

Spider Woman

Episode Three—
"Spidey Sense"
Episode Three, "Spidey Sense"Coin Trick
00:00 / 01:04

Cassidy and Koko overcome the wrathful Rolling Head with help from Spider Woman. Cassidy fails to listen to her intuition and instead follows Koko into a forest of cactus bandits, where she must use keen thinking to escape. 

Episode Four—
"Herding Frogs"
Episode Four, "Herding Frogs"Coin Trick
00:00 / 01:04

Our two heroes successfully navigate the Corn Maidens’ labyrinth and arrive at the Giant’s cave, only to be captured by the Frog Clan. The sharp-witted Cassidy once again devises a clever escape. 

Episode Five—
"Cave Creatures"
Episode Five, "Cave Creatures"Coin Trick
00:00 / 01:04

Cassidy confronts a subterranean brute, but self-doubts creep in as she searches for the Giant. Befriending the ogre, Cassidy convinces him to let his captives go and return with them to the village.


General Frog

Episode Six—
"With Friends Like These"
Episode Six, "With Friends Like These"Coin Trick
00:00 / 01:04

Cassidy and crew narrowly escape the Giant’s booby-trapped cave and return to a hero’s welcome. She receives the elixir that will transport her back home, only to have Koko reappear and trick her yet again. Or does he?

What Listeners Are Saying


“We binged this excellent, well-written, superbly acted podcast and are wanting more as soon as possible! The characters are fun and funny, and the lessons are really great ... Thank you!”

- MomSlice1, USA

“Love it! We can’t get enough. Beautifully produced and gripping.”

- Nixsvh,SouthAfrica

“[A] great example of a Braveheart and a beautiful soul.”

- DaHomey777,USA

"The best podcast ever."

- unubfhj, USA


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Word Searches & Transcripts

Download word search puzzles and transcripts for every episode of COIN TRICK. 


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